The Comet Corn booth and popping equipment were designed to allow freedom of operation independent of electrical and water connections. Therefore, we have the ability to locate wherever is most suitable for convenience of access and visibility. We are self contained with transportation and product storage in a 6'x10' trailer and a towing vehicle. Our stainless popper is propane powered, the stirring motor is solar and battery powered, as are out display and task lighting. While the cart is free standing, because of health regulations at public events a screened canopy is necessary, therefore requiring a 10'x10' footprint.


At special events we offer our Certified Organic Popcorn and Peruvian Toasting Corn flavored with our all natural spice blends of Amazing Flavors in hot, savory, herb, cheese and sweet toppings. We also offer a choice of real butter, roasted garlic olive oil, organic olive oil, Braggs liquid aminos, or seasoned rice vinegar. 

Our corn is popped in small batches and served fresh in biodegradable paper bags. For this unique, high quality healthy snack we use only premium quality Certified Organic (non-GMO) yellow butterfly corn. At the booth our corn is cooked in non-gmo rice bran oil using no artificial flavors or colors. 



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